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The story behind the lens
Her first stop is in the Western Ghats, in Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary - where she explores the lush, tropical forests and gets up close to biodiversity along the way. Here, she uses her vivo phone to photograph the vistas and the wildlife of the location. The narrative here is that this forest in the Western Ghats is unexplored and brimming with some of the most fascinating wildlife species like snakes, frogs, primates and other amphibians. Her next stop is documenting the incredible mangroves of Goa on an adventurous kayaking journey! Unlike forests, most people don’t realise the value mangrove ecosystems bring to our world - besides being a home to wildlife, they also protect us from natural calamities like storm surges and the impacts of climate change. As she kayaks through the mangroves, she uses her vivo camera to take images and videos of the stunning mangrove forest. On the last leg of the journey, Malaika and her dog take a pitstop on their road trip to explore a secret beach in the middle of nowhere that has remained unexplored. This beach is an oasis of its own - nestled by the ocean and a lagoon in the far south of this mystical state. Here, there’s a fun, and energetic sequence of her playing with her dog and getting pictures of him in the ocean and on the sand within the beach cove.
The story behind the lens
Accompanied by the Vivo X50 Pro, Sandesh journeys to the Western Ghats of India - an ancient realm of mountainous jungles and monsoon rain. Also known as the Sahyadris, this region covers less than 5% of India’s land area and yet it is home to more than 30% of the country’s plant, bird, and mammal species. Thousands of plant and animal species in the Western Ghats exist nowhere else in the world; it is their only home and their last bastion for survival. In recognition of this fragile land with extraordinary richness, the Western Ghats have been ranked not only as a biodiversity hotspot but the World Heritage Committee also declared the Western Ghats a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. This is a world that few people know about and even fewer have the opportunity to experience. As Sandesh travels across this region, with the help of footage and stills captured on the Vivo X50 Pro, the viewers will take a virtual journey through the landscape and witness the diversity of the animals, plants & people who live here. Through his journey, Sandesh will not only showcase the beauty of this region but also show how wildlife can flourish alongside people.
The story behind the lens
Deepti travelled across Meghalaya to explore the hidden gems in this tiny, yet an extortionary state. The place has a rich biodiversity when it comes to flora and fauna, but what’s more unique is the culture which preserves the life in different forms. In her exploration in East Khasi hills, Deepti documented the unimitable Khasi tribe who have maintained a close symbiotic relationship with their natural environment. And the very same connection lies in the roots of the living root bridges. The mysterious bridges are scattered all across Meghalaya.
However, what was the most fascinating element was the intricate network of limestone caves, which tell a story of its own. A land of more than 1000 caves, Meghalaya is truly an unexplored territory of nature lovers.
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